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Richard Swengros
Strategic Advisor

  • Mr. Richard Swengros brings over 41 years of service to our Nation; serving in the US Army Military Police Corps (nearly 35 years) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (nearly 7 years) which included serving as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) in his roles as Director of Training and later Director of Operations, Federal Protective Service (FPS), DHS. He has extensive experience and specializes in leadership, strategy development and implementation, leader and organizational development, training development and management, law enforcement, security, emergency management, and risk management.  He has achieved outstanding success and continues to help organizations sift through the noise of today and the fog of the future, to develop and implement strategies to move organizations to new heights of excellence. 
  • In FPS, Rick Swengros oversaw two training sites and a national training program.  He led training and change -of- culture efforts to include the development of a premier seven-week physical security and facility security training program to ensure officers had basic certifications and knowledge to conduct physical security assessments for the nearly 9,000 protected federal facilities.   He also developed and led a leadership course for mid-level managers.  
  • Mr. Swengros has significant experience in developing law enforcement strategies for reducing crime and ensuring a safe and secure environment for families and businesses.  He served as the Provost Marshal (Chief of Police) for Fort Lewis, WA, where he successfully led programs to integrate police and the fire department into the office of emergency services.  He also devised a protection trifecta strategy to integrate law enforcement, security and protective intelligence efforts which he led a panel discussion on during ASIS 2017.
  • He is adept at forming teams and leading change.  Specifically, he led international efforts in the US Sector in Kosovo to rebuild the Kosovo Police while restoring order; and in Iraq, he devised and led the Police Partnership Program where US Military Police partnered with Iraqi police in daily policing and police station operations. 
  • Recognized as an agile leader, thinker, a strategist.  He has coached and mentored personnel within the Army and DHS for over 15 years.   He has led strategy and strategy implementation planning for several nation-wide programs and organizations and as Assistant Commandant was responsible for operations and training for the US Army Military Police School.
  • Mr. Swengros earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Martin’s College, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems from Pacific Lutheran University, and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.