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Dr. Kathleen L. Kiernan
CEO and Founder 

  • Dr. Kathleen Kiernan is the founder and CEO of Kiernan Group Holdings, Inc. a global consulting firm specializing in law enforcement, risk services, defense, intelligence and critical infrastructure resiliency. She regularly contributes to the national level dialogue in the areas of active shooter/active threat preparedness, as well as anomalous behavior detection and the adversarial adaptation cycle. She is a 29-year veteran of Federal Law Enforcement, previously serving as the Assistant Director for the Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) where she was responsible for the design and implementation of an intelligence-led organizational strategy to mine and disseminate data related to explosives, firearms and illegal tobacco diversion, the traditional and non-traditional tools of terrorism.
  • Dr. Kiernan has developed and trademarked three approaches to complex national level issues which include Fuciferi Versuiti (AKA Crafty Bastards), the Emerging Technology Innovation Center (ETIC) which identifies, exploits and often recombines technology capabilities, and Preparedness Without Paranoia, a community-based program which provides a common sense educational and situational awareness approach extending from the dinner table to the board room table on preparedness and response to active threat. She believes that experience matters in the education of our citizenry and future leaders and she optimizes the use of digital storytelling as a core learning approach. The latest production series is entitled “Minor Visions” which captures the perspectives of our most valuable yet most vulnerable part of society, our children.
  • Other highlights of Dr. Kiernan’s credentials include: Member of the Army Science Board where she led a panel exploring the transition of law enforcement training and technology to the war fighter; Member of the Air Force Strategic Studies Board; served as the ATF representative to the Counterterrorism Center (CTC) at CIA during 1993-1995; was the Council Vice President for ASIS International with oversight of the Critical Infrastructure Working Group (CIWG); chaired the Domestic Intelligence Council for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA); an Intelligence Fellow (2001); and is a graduate of the FBI’s National Executive Institute (Class 26); and a Senior Fellow at the George Washington Homeland Security Policy Institute. Dr. Kiernan is an appointed member to IBM Network Science Research Center (NSRC), collaboration between the Sensemaking Fellowship (formerly based at the MIT International Development Initiative) Swansea University's Network/Relationship Science Analytics Ph.D Program as well as its NSRC, and scholars from academic institutions, such as MIT and Harvard. Dr. Kiernan is also a member of the AFCEA Executive Committee (Class of 2015), and the AFCEA Intelligence Committee.
  • Dr. Kiernan led a nationwide Intelligence Community project involving the active interdiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) throughout the law enforcement and public safety communities, and led a team for the Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review. Dr. Kiernan serves as a Subject Matter Expert for the Rapid Reaction Technology Office, Office of the Secretary of Defense and other elements of the defense community.
  • Dr. Kiernan was the recipient of numerous community service awards.
  • Dr. Kiernan completed her Doctorate in Education at Northern Illinois University, and her Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence at the Joint Military Intelligence College in Washington, DC. She also holds a Master of Arts in International Transactions from George Mason University, and she is an Adjunct faculty member at The Johns Hopkins University and at the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security.