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Law Enforcement

Kiernan Group Holdings leverages its access at various levels of law enforcement to develop and share concepts, practices, and technology related to the fusion of information and intelligence. With dynamic and iterative case studies, innovative workshops and access to emerging technologies, we expand both the digital arm of law enforcement officials and the reach of our commercial partners.


Private Sector

Kiernan Group Holdings assists its partners with sales team development strategies, including our PURSUE methodology, to help a variety of clients with developing internal units and operating procedures that aim to eliminate redundancies and minimize financial risk.


US Government

Kiernan Group Holdings examines threats through the eyes of our global practitioners to provide our partners with an understanding of the opportunities hidden in plain sight, invisible to the untrained eye.

We provide expertise to help traverse the nexus between terrorism and transnational crime, and supply thought leadership regarding future areas of conflict to increase security.

KGH is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We extend equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or any other status protected under the applicable law.

The Knowledge Vault

Kiernan Group Holdings developed a Knowledge Vault, designed to be a living repository of state of the practice capabilities across the public and private sector. The center of gravity is organized around a construct of preparedness, response, recovery and resiliency of organizations, large and small. There are a lot of companies that do that-how we do it is the element which sets us apart from this crowded space.  We believe that preparedness is a mindset which when enabled and practiced, transcends all areas of life: where we work, where we live, where we serve, where we learn, where we travel and where we seek recreation. Threat vectors and actors change and evolve quickly, thus preparedness along a continuum of the current threat (the now), the near term (the next) and the type of threat which will likely be orthogonally different (the after next) is how we look at the world.  

We provide a global network of talent that is globally mobile, language qualified, and cleared to enhance the situational awareness and preparedness of decision makers, enriched by a vast library of resources and supported with analytic and operational acumen.

Performance Through Partnerships

Kiernan Group Holdings maintains a range of dynamic partnerships with organizations in the law enforcement, military, intelligence, academic and private sector both domestically and internationally. These partnerships include national level organizations as well as small innovative companies developing new capabilities. We believe in service and actively support our veterans and organizations which raise funds to support much needed medical research. With maximum agility and the combined knowledge of our experienced subject-matter experts and practitioners, KGH has the capacity and the privilege to serve various organizations across a variety of markets.






Crafty Bastards Think Differently

What if we stopped scanning the horizon with binoculars and began instead examining our own decision-making and behavior through the most powerful of microscopes? I think that would change the way wars are fought, the kinds of products we see on the shelves, the kinds of movies that get made, the way police officers are trained, the way couples are counseled, the way job interviews are conducted, and on and on.”

~Malcolm Gladwell, Blink, 2005


Crafty Bastards Workshops

History has educated us about the nature of light and the speed at which it travels. At one juncture, white light was considered the absence of color when in fact it is the combination of all colors, which become visible when refracted. Like the refracted light, each has shades that require a deeper examination to reveal the true spectral composition. Similarly, Crafty Bastards Workshops (CBW) focus on an intensive discovery process to identify and exploit the full spectrum of ideas. Our workshops provide a highly specialized and dedicated environment of learning and discovery, as well as an in-depth exploration and exploitation of the myriad highly complex problem-sets that threaten global stability and economic resiliency. These critically important issues range across an ever-widening spectrum, from disease to conflict to infrastructure warfare. The modus operandi of CBW is the combining—and, often, recombining—of disparate talent and highly knowledgeable expertise at a visceral level. The goal of each CBW is to identify strategic approach vectors that are realistic, comprehensive, and actionable.

Kiernan Group Holdings maintains a website dedicated to chronicling the role of women in traditionally insular professions - specifically law enforcement,the military, diplomacy, and private industry.