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Mike McClary
Strategic Advisor

  • Michael McClary is the Senior Advisor of Global Operations for KGH. Mike has participated in a wide range of research, policy and planning, training development and facilitation projects both classified and unclassified for government and the private sector.
  • Mike McClary served 32 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) holding investigative and leadership positions in the LVMPD including; Uniformed Patrol, SWAT, Narcotics, Gang Crimes, Special Investigations, Organized Crime, and Counter Terrorism. He led departmental investigative efforts in criminal intelligence, counter intelligence, organized crime, and counter terrorism. As Assistant Sheriff, he was given responsibility for overseeing all investigative functions of LVMPD, including the creation and implementation of the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center (SNCTC), an all-crimes, all-hazards Fusion Center, incorporating Federal, State, and local first responders into one joint facility.
  • Mike McClary, as Captain formed the LVMPD Homeland Security Bureau, combining the Criminal Intelligence, Organized Crime, Technical Surveillance and Analytical, Special Investigations, and Counter Terrorism Sections. As Deputy Chief of the LVMPD, he was tasked with creating the Homeland Security Division, incorporating the Vice/Narcotics and Airport Bureaus.
  • Mike McClary was a founding member of the Las Vegas FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). He served on the National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF) in Washington, D.C. where he interacted extensively with the National Reconnaissance Office, National Geo-Spatial Administration, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Counter Terrorism Center, and a number of Department of Defense organizations.
  • Mike McClary is a veteran educator and instructor teaching to the law enforcement community for over 35 years. He has instructed courses regularly 3-6 times per year in Basic Instructor Development; Advanced Instructor Development; Train the Trainer; Basic Criminal Investigation; Intermediate Criminal Investigation; Advanced Criminal Investigations/ Interview & Interrogation; Gang Crimes Investigations; Terrorism as Crime; Criminal Electronic Evidence collection; Advanced Criminal Conspiracy Investigations; Criminal Intelligence for New Supervisors; Leadership Development for Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains; Plain Clothes Response to Active Shooter Events. Mike McClary also instructed the following Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded programs under Counterterrorism or Critical Infrastructure Protection Program guidance each 2-6 times per year: Fusion Center Operations; Countering Violent Extremism. Mike instructed courses on Plain Clothes response to Active Shooter Events for which he tailored to the needs of the Las Vegas Strip Security Chiefs Association and delivered twice a year to 22 Las Vegas Strip Resort Hotels. Mike also instructed the course, Managing Transnational Crime, a DHS funded program and delivered to 8 regional Law Enforcement groups across the country.
  • Mike teaches the following courses and seminars funded by the US Naval Research Laboratory Adversarial Modeling and Exploitation Office and/or DHS Human Behavioral Group: Detecting Deception Training Course (40 hours) delivered to 4 regional Law Enforcement groups and 4 separate Federal entities for 11 total iterations. These seminars are research efforts focused on identifying the behaviors exhibited by persons who are or intending to commit criminal activity. Seminars include: Illegal Gun Carry; Drug Carry in Secured Spaces–Mass Transit; Interdiction/Interplay of Officer and Subjects of Interest; Cultural Translation of Criminal Behaviors; Behavioral Indicators at Mass Transit Points of Entry.
  • Mike McClary’s highlighted credentials include: Member of the Major City Chiefs Intelligence Unit Commanders Group; the IACP, Major City Chiefs Association, and Major County Sheriffs Association as well as the FBI National Academy Associates.