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G.O.T. Preparedness® is designed to provide both online and in-person training resources for individuals and organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from active threat situations. KGH’s team of training, security, and preparedness experts offer a Preparedness Review approach the assist organizations in navigating the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans, regulations, compliance, and audit requirements.

We believe that preparedness is a mindset and the foundation for resiliency at an individual and community level which requires a holistic approach, not a single-threaded tactical solution. We know that in most active threat situations it takes an average of six-eight minutes for the first responders to arrive and that time can be best used to take the advantage away from an individual seeking to do harm. Replacing fear with confidence to react without hesitation can dramatically change the outcome when an ordinary day turns into an extraordinary one without warning. See:

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KGH’s integrated team of experts offer a Preparedness Review that supports organizations in preventing, preparing for, and mitigating across hazards and threats. KGH guides organizations through the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans with a comprehensive process that ensures compliance with government regulations and industry standards and requirements. The KGH team performs Preparedness Reviews through a risk-based framework that helps organizations focus on their highest risk areas and identifies gaps, or vulnerabilities, in current policies, plans, procedures, and training. The KGH team then provides recommendations (e.g. training, technology, policies) to fill the identified gaps and guides the organization in prioritizing those recommendations based on the greatest potential for risk reduction and compliance. This holistic process is tailored to meet the needs and unique conditions of each organization, which includes an awareness of operational needs and organizational culture.

Lucky the Preparedness Dog

Lucky the Preparedness Dog serves as Kiernan Group Holdings’ mascot. When we found Lucky in the Animal Shelter, he didn’t even have a name. We were lucky to find him and he now has a new mission. Lucky enjoys working in his community and helping others. He serves. He protects. He teaches. Lucky will help you learn a variety of safety tips and teach you how to listen and be prepared for any situation by activating your Safety Superpowers.


AST Names 2019 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Winners at the Javits Center in NYC

Kiernan Group Holdings was honored to receive a Platinum Award for the category of Best Homeland Security Education Program for its Preparedness Without Paranoia® educational platform and training services.

  • Best Homeland Security Education Program
  • G.O.T. Preparedness®
  • KGH’s Preparedness Without Paranoia® approach provides education and training for individuals to gain a heightened situational awareness and understanding of today’s multi-dimensional threat environment, recognize telltale signs of an evolving threat, and become empowered to take effective action without hesitation.

Kathleen Kiernan and Bill Bratton, who became friends 45 years ago when Dr. Kiernan was an undergraduate doing research at Northeastern, and Commissioner Bratton was a Sergeant at the Boston Police Department.

  • Preparedness Without Paranoia® uses a common sense approach to preparedness from the classroom to the boardroom.
  • From a business perspective, KGH offers metric-based training in compliance with national level standards and guidance, and a suite of audit-ready analytic tools for use by training managers and HR professionals.
  • KGH was also recognized as a Platinum ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program Winner for two consecutive years, 2019 and 2018 respectively.

Mike Madsen, AST Publisher (at left); Commissioner William J. Bratton, Guest Keynote Speaker; Tammy Waitt, Managing Director; and Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, CEO of Kiernan Group Holdings at the 2019 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Luncheon


Kiernan Group Holdings is proud to announce that Preparedness Without Paranoia is the 2018 ASTORS Platinum Award for our program Preparedness Without Paranoia®. American Security Today, who decides the awards, recognized Preparedness Without Paranoia as a best in class capability. This is the second year in a row that PWP® has received this award.

Todd Veazie, COO of KGH, accepts Platinum Award in NYC from Michael Madsen, Publisher of American Security Today


February 14th, 2019, Dr. Kathleen Kiernan joins the Center for Mass Violence Response Studies with the National Police Foundation.

The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies, led by Frank Straub, Ph.D leverages the National Police Foundation’s expertise and its unique position as an independent organization to advise federal, state, and local public safety officials regarding the prevention, response and recovery from mass violence events. The Center features research in five key areas: countering violence and extremism, averted school violence, critical incident reviews, first responder safety & wellness, and a state-by-state legislative review of school safety standards and legislation.

The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies

Preparedness Without Paranoia®

Why It Matters:

Preparedness Without Paranoia® is an approach that prepares individuals for the spectrum of active threats faced in public and social environments and equips them with the confidence to Prepare, Respond, and Recover in these situations.  From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, the resiliency of any organization in a threatening situation depends on the extent to which its employees are prepared, confident and capable of reacting appropriately and effectively. KGH’s Preparedness Without Paranoia® approach fosters an educated, engaged, and resilient public.  Individuals will gain a heightened situational awareness to: a) understand today’s multidimensional threat environment, b) recognize telltale signs of an evolving threat, c) empower people to take effective action, and d) understand how to recover and resume one’s daily activities in an effective manner.
Preparedness Without Paranoia® workshops are available to public and private sector organizations as is online education and training which is a certificate-based program in full compliance with national level standards.

To inquire about availability and pricing for your organization or company, please call:  571-290-0275 or email -KGH Team

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