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Viet Hoang
Director of Engineering

  • Viet Hoang is the Director of Engineering at KGH. He is responsible for the prototyping, implementation, testing and deployment of engineering projects approved by the Emerging Technology Innovation Center for customers in the public and private sectors.
  • Viet is currently a senior architect for Fortior Solutions where he manages all AI projects that are related to US Law Enforcement and Homeland Security.
  • In his 20+ years in the Hi-Tech industry, Viet has worked for Goldman Sachs, Intel Corporation, SureID, and multiple defense contractors.
  • His recent experiences include AI and NLP projects for national level customers, and the development and fielding of Risk Management and Prediction model algorithms.  He has worked on the Trusted Agent Management System for the US Navy and USMC and on the TSA Pre-Check program. While at Intel, Viet delivered the latest server technologies to OEM customers, both in early hardware prototypes and virtual full-stack servers in the Clouds.
  • At KGH, he is principally focused on technology exploitation and cloud-based solutions globally.