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Global Fusion

KGH’s Global Fusion concept emphasizes an “end-to-end” approach to problem solving that is centered on information – the raw material of the intelligence, law enforcement, security, and corporate arenas – and its lifecycle. Our solutions focus on a given problem, with specific fusion of talent and technologies delivering a tailored blend of tradecraft and street craft scaled to produce the required knowledge – or foreknowledge – with optimal impact and efficiency.

KGH offers data driven assessments from our access to vast amounts of information, which are tailored to the customer’s needs. We have the processes in place to create database comparisons for emerging companies to test their products for marketing purposes. Our data assessments also provide expanded and fresh information and warnings to government entities that they would not otherwise have.

KGH performs the role of a navigator in the act of discovery of information, always seeking a way of applying a coherent set of problem-solving solutions. We help our customers derive more value from all sources of information while simultaneously helping to develop the organic analytic, investigative, and decision-support capabilities required for sustained success. We are the “go-to” company for customers wanting creative approaches to information-centric problems, and those who understand the need for, and benefits of, precisely-matched expertise and tailored tradecraft applied to their missions and functions at enterprise scale or the individual-unit level.

Educational Offerings: Creative Thinking for the Security Professional