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  •  1421 Prince Street, 4th Floor, Alexandria, VA. 22314
  •  571-290-0260

Qui Hoang
CTO and ETIC Chairman

  • Qui Hoang is the CTO, and Chairman of the Emerging Technology Innovation Center at KGH. He is responsible for the identification, testing and evaluation of technology to support the homeland security and defense communities as well as the private sector. 
  • Qui currently serves as the Vice President of Advanced Technologies for Fortior Solutions where he leads a team which delivered one of the first COVID-19 contact tracing solutions. A patent has been filed.
  • Educated as an electrical engineer, Qui’s past experience includes service as a Director of Intel Corporation, where he worked on both the x86 and ARM (XScale) CPU families. On the business side, he helped strategically align Intel expansion into Asia as its Director of Market Development.  Qui served as a President of a Goldman Sachs company where he created a portfolio of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain innovations, including a Stocks & Equities price prediction AI. Goldman Sachs purchased a Facial Recognition product from him.
  • At KGH, he is focused on using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data solutions for public and private customers. These include: Smart Facial Recognition (SMR), Identity Management, Natural Language Discovery, Disease Tracking, and anomalous behavior detection.
  • As a former Intel Business & Market Development Director for Asian markets, Qui has a unique ability. He knows people, understands technologies, recognizes opportunities, can identify threats, for both business and geopolitical matters.