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United States Government

Kiernan Group Holdings examines threats through the eyes of our global practitioners to provide our partners with an understanding of the opportunities hidden in plain sight, invisible to the untrained eye.

We provide expertise to help traverse the nexus between terrorism and transnational crime, and supply thought leadership regarding future areas of conflict to increase security.

Empowered by our experience with organizations and agencies that deal with National Security, Homeland Security and Defense, KGH has direct insight into the complex process of marketing to the United States Government. Additionally, KGH provides an understanding of where opportunities for market growth and threat prevention intersect.

Our Onsite Subject Matter Experts (OnSME) in this field provide expertise in such areas as anomalous behavior detection, the adversarial adaptation cycle, pre-incident indicators to hostile intent, and the aggregation and implementation of new technologies, among others. As important, through our exclusive Fuciferi Versuti™ model we provide a methodology to identify threats, challenges and scenarios to provide a wider solutions aperture.

Our global reach to academic talent and non-traditional solutions allows for highly-specialized training, evaluation and implementation of tactics, techniques and procedures in both the schoolhouse and virtual environments.