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Dr. Thomas B. Hunter
Chief of Analysis

  • Dr. Thomas B. Hunter has over 22 years of experience as an analyst and educator in the fields of terrorism/counterterrorism, homeland security, active shooter/active threat, and related subjects. Dr. Hunter brings significant depth of knowledge and professional experience to provide analysis and training solutions for the government marketplace.
  • Dr. Hunter previously served as a senior counterterrorism intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Washington DC to the Homeland Branch, Americas Division where he was responsible for writing, editing, and proofreading all-source intelligence analysis examining potential terrorist threats to the United States. Dr. Hunter served the Weapons Branch, Capabilities and Tactics Division, DIA, where he was responsible for providing all-source intelligence analysis examining terrorist tactics, techniques, and procedures for Department of Defense and federal-level exercise support. Dr. Hunter was also responsible for conducting research into detainees held by US authorities and determined possible connections to terrorist activities while supporting the Detainee Support Cell, Rest of the World Division, at DIA. Dr. Hunter also provided all-source intelligence analysis assessing potential terrorist threats throughout Central and South America while serving the Americas Branch, Rest of the World Division, and as a counterdrug analyst during his career at DIA. Dr. Hunter previously served as an counterdrug and geopolitical Intelligence Analyst for the US Coast Guard, Atlantic Area Command by examining illicit drug shipments from Latin America to the US Gulf and East Coasts.
  • Dr. Hunter has been a contributing writer of articles relating to counterproliferation, terrorism, counterterrorism and special operations forces to Jane’s Intelligence Review, and as an associate editor and writer to the Journal of Counterterrorism and Security International..
  • Dr. Hunter completed his Doctorate in Strategic Security, Magna Cum Laude, from Henley Putnam University, San Jose, California. He also holds a MLitt degree in International Security Studies from the University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom; a MA degree in National Security Studies from American Military University, Manassas, Virginia; and a BA degree in English and American Literature, from the University of Southern California.