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Mark Kraft
Senior Instructor

  • Mark Kraft brings more than 30 years distinguished performance in all aspects of federal law enforcement including complex criminal investigations and enforcement operations; designing, developing and delivering law enforcement training for domestic and international audiences; and leading innovative, collaborative multi-agency law enforcement policy development and implementation.  He initially worked as a special agent for the IRS Criminal Investigations Division conducting criminal tax and money laundering investigations, including the successful prosecution on tax and foreign bank reporting violations of a mole inside the CIA operating on behalf of a foreign intelligence service.  He was recruited to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)where he focused on firearms trafficking and the violent criminal misuse of firearms in the Baltimore/Washington corridor and was competitively selected as a member of Baltimore Field Division’s Special Response Team, an elite tactical unit that executed high risk search and arrest warrants.
  • Mr. Kraft has extensive experience leading progressive and collaborative programs to address crime gun violence. He received the Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Community Partnership for Public Safety for his collaborative work on ATF Violent Crime Impact Teams and was awarded the Assistant Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Law Enforcement Partnerships for exceptional leadership as the inaugural Deputy Director of the Attorney General’s National Gang Targeting Enforcement and Coordination Center, a Department of Justice center that coordinated multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional investigations and prosecutions against the nation’s most violent gangs across jurisdictional and geographic boundaries.
  • Mr. Kraft has been a leader in the design, development and delivery of a variety of national and international training programs including ATF’s Firearms Trafficking Techniques Course and the first joint ATF/Canadian Firearms Trafficking School.He coordinated the design, development and delivery of national training to support the Attorney General’s Project Safe Neighborhoods Program in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National District Attorneys Assoc. and the National Crime Prevention Council, personally delivering training to over 20,000 law enforcement officials nationwide. He was recognized by the Department of Justice with the Project Safe Neighborhoods Achievement Award for Exceptional Training Provider. He was also recognized as First Runner-up ATF Non-Supervisory Agent of the Year for his leadership as the program manager for the training program for all newly hired ATF agents and inspectors, during one of ATF’s largest hiring waves.  
  • As senior special agent, Mr. Kraft was frequently requested as a guest speaker to represent ATF and the Department of Justice on topics related to gun violence and firearms trafficking on scores of occasions in the United States, Central America, Canada and in Europe, including the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, Hungary; the California Highway Patrol Academy, and live on CNN.  He has been a frequent instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and is a published author on law enforcement techniques and methods. 
  • Mr. Kraft is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. He has received extensive specialized training including the US Secret Service Firearms Instructor Training Course at the James J. Rowley Training Center, as well as attendingExplosive Ordnance Disposal; Improvised Explosive Device Familiarization at Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Indian Head, Maryland.