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KGH believes that security sense is common sense that everyone can learn and apply, as ordinary really as fastening your seatbelt without thinking about it. It is a skillset that can be learned at a very early age and carried throughout life.

It matters first and foremost from an individual survival perspective should an ordinary day turn extraordinary. It matters from an organizational standpoint in recruiting and retaining personnel, reducing corporate liability, and protecting your brand. It matters from a community perspective to develop a shared sense of responsibility in awareness, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Our mission is to educate, engage, and empower a community with preparedness education and training from the classroom to the boardroom. We believe that preparedness is a mindset that enables individuals and organizations to take the advantage away from conditions that threaten them.

G.O.T. Preparedness® is designed to provide both online and in-person training resources for individuals and organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from active threat situations. KGH’s team of training, security, and preparedness experts offer a Preparedness Review approach the assist organizations in navigating the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans, regulations, compliance, and audit requirements.

We believe that preparedness is a mindset and the foundation for resiliency at an individual and community level which requires a holistic approach, not a single-threaded tactical solution. We know that in most active threat situations it takes an average of six-eight minutes for the first responders to arrive and that time can be best used to take the advantage away from an individual seeking to do harm. Replacing fear with confidence to react without hesitation can dramatically change the outcome when an ordinary day turns into an extraordinary one without warning. See:

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KGH’s integrated team of experts offer a Preparedness Review that supports organizations in preventing, preparing for, and mitigating across hazards and threats. KGH guides organizations through the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans with a comprehensive process that ensures compliance with government regulations and industry standards and requirements. The KGH team performs Preparedness Reviews through a risk-based framework that helps organizations focus on their highest risk areas and identifies gaps, or vulnerabilities, in current policies, plans, procedures, and training. The KGH team then provides recommendations (e.g. training, technology, policies) to fill the identified gaps and guides the organization in prioritizing those recommendations based on the greatest potential for risk reduction and compliance. This holistic process is tailored to meet the needs and unique conditions of each organization, which includes an awareness of operational needs and organizational culture.

G.O.T Preparedness® is KGH’s State of Practice Training Platform and Learning Management System (LMS). At an enterprise level, it provides diagnostic information by individual and group, measuring training compliance, content areas requiring greater emphasis, notification of completion deadlines, and other training related analytics. The portal is tailored to each organization with their logo, a message from senior leadership, HR, and links to company policies. An individual certificate upon successful completion is issued to the registered user and a duplicate certificate is available for organizational records.

KGH offers online courses in Active Threat Readiness, Workplace Violence, and Business Continuity Planning and Resumption of Operations During a Pandemic.

The Active Threat Readiness course is a one-hour, interactive eLearning course that educates, engages, and empowers employees to be Prepared without Paranoia when faced with an active threat incident. This training introduces the learner to the four elements of the Active Threat Resilience Cycle: Awareness, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Each module discusses the various components of active threat readiness, to include active shooters, workplace violence, terrorism, and insider threat. The four modules are comprised of 15-minute segments which contain interactive content, supplementary audio/video reinforcement, a Check on Learning (COL) quiz at the end of each module, and a final exam to complete the course. Sufficient mastery of the content is required in order to advance to the next module.

The Workplace Violence online training course is a 15-minute, interactive eLearning course that educates employees on the nature and dimensionality of the threat posed by Workplace Violence. Upon completion, each individual will be able to identify the Four Types and Three Levels of Workplace Violence and understand how, when, and to whom to report incidents, to include when outreach to law enforcement is the best option. Employees will also learn about Domestic Violence and Stalking incidents which often spill into the working environment and what processes need to be in place for reporting and for the safety of individuals and co-workers. A Check on Learning (COL) quiz is delivered at the end the module.

The Workplace Violence C-Suite online training course is a 15-minute, interactive eLearning course designed to inform management personnel on the importance of developing and maintaining a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and Program. It is in compliance with national level standards and guidance and includes the following key components:

  • Understanding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) General Duty Clause
  • Understanding the responsibility that management has regarding legal liability when responding to a violent incident, following procedures with Human Resources and others
  • Understanding the legal implications and potential costs of non-compliance
  • Learning how to recognize and report changes in the employees’ and/or clients’ behaviors of concern

The Business Continuity Planning and Resumption of Operations During a Pandemic Workshop is a risk-based, two-hour, interactive training course specifically for Management Teams responsible for designing the plans and processes required for resumption of business operations during and after a pandemic. The training offers national level guidance and best practices to implement with the flexibility to modify as conditions do and will change. The course is offered on a web-based platform for remote learning and can be delivered in person with appropriate safety requirements in place.

Resuming Business Operations during a pandemic is daunting regardless of the size of your business. National level guidance is evolving and conditions are continually changing, requiring maximum flexibility and adaptation. Please reach out for state of practice training to help you navigate.

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