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Learn To Navigate The Threat Environment With Confidence

We operate at the intersection of fear and fact and designed an educational approach called Preparedness without Paranoia®. The experience-based training in awareness, preparedness, response and recovery training for active assailant and workplace violence prevention is delivered on a learning management system. GOT Preparedness® (Got Online Training), was built specifically for dispersed and remote workforces and we have trained thousands of individuals domestically and internationally. We conduct risk assessments, working with your team to examine existing plans and policies, identify gaps, and deliver tailored scenario-based training to meet your needs and requirements. See:


We provide state-of practice education and training capabilities: online, on time, and always on point. Threats change, and training needs to change as well, and change in a way that is understandable and easy to incorporate in daily routines-anything less is a waste of time and of valuable training resources. We identify and match your requirements to need, tailoring an approach that is in consonance with your organizational values and mission, and provide the knowledge-based skills which transcend the workplace.

We also train your workforce in your environment incorporating your plans, policies and procedures in scenario-based exercises and drills.


All offerings are in compliance with the national-level guidelines and/or standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ASIS International, the Society for Human Resource Management, the National Fire Protection Association, the Department of Education, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. KGH employs Mobile Preparedness Teams (MPT) nationwide, consisting of experienced professionals with preparedness subject matter expertise. Our teams are regionally-focused, technologically savvy, and operationally agile. These teams provide comprehensive, tailored, and actionable solutions to achieve the desired level of preparedness. We also offer an end- to-end review process to enable business continuity decision cycles which include organizational investments in security, technology, and people.


We believe that preparedness is a mindset and the foundation for resiliency at an individual and community level which requires a holistic approach, not a single-threaded tactical solution. We know that in most active threat situations it takes an average of six-eight minutes for the first responders to arrive and that time can be best used to take the advantage away from an individual seeking to do harm. Replacing fear with confidence to react without hesitation can dramatically change the outcome when an ordinary day turns into an extraordinary one without warning.


We believe that security sense is common sense that everyone can learn and apply, as ordinary really as fastening your seatbelt without thinking about it. It is a skillset that can be learned at a very early age and carried throughout life. It matters first and foremost from an individual survival perspective should an ordinary day turn extraordinary. It matters from an organizational standpoint in recruiting and retaining personnel, reducing corporate liability, and protecting your brand. It matters from a community perspective to develop a shared sense of responsibility in awareness, preparedness, response, and recovery. .

Resuming Business Operations during a pandemic is daunting regardless of the size of your business. National level guidance is evolving and conditions are continually changing, requiring maximum flexibility and adaptation. Please reach out for state of practice training to help you navigate.

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