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Kiernan Group Holdings, Inc.’s Active Threat Preparedness Approach                                                                   

KGH’s team of cross-sector experts in threat assessment, emergency preparedness and risk management specialize in providing best practices-driven 360-degree Active Threat preparedness consulting services. Active Threat is not confined to active shooters; it includes insider threat, terrorism, and workplace violence. Our approach to risk management is based on the industry formula of Risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Consequence. This is followed by a risk mitigation program, in collaboration with our clients, to prioritize the allocation of their preventative resources to achieve an optimal Return on Investment (RoI) of time and money. Finally, our approach ensures that our clients’ upgraded security risk posture is in full compliance with government and industry regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Tailored to address the needs of public- and private-sector organizations, our services include:

  • Real-time monitoring and assessment of complex and emerging Active Threats;
  • Full-spectrum exercise and evaluation;
  • Universal training applicable across sectors and sector-specific options for Emergency Response Plans (ERPs), beginning with plan development, design, implementation, and review;
  • A multimedia learning platform with content designed by and for stakeholders
  • Evaluation of organizational capability to anticipate, prepare, plan, respond, and—during a post-incident phase—implement an effective consequence management recovery process

KGH’s comprehensive approach leverages our team’s extensive practitioner-earned experience in security-in-depth strategies and tactics. Enabling organizations and companies to incorporate industry best practices is our specialty and our discriminator. We ensure organizations and companies are equipped to preemptively recognize threats, anticipate harmful actions, mitigate potential disasters, and seamlessly recover their business operations and restore the confidence of their workforce