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  •  1421 Prince Street, 4th Floor, Alexandria, VA. 22314
  •  571-290-0260

Stylianos Kaminaris
Strategic Advisor

  • Mr. Kaminaris’ career has spanned management, technical leadership, and key technical roles of several products delivered to the government and commercial marketplace.  His technical skill set includes radio hardware design and development, embedded software development, enterprise/database development, user interface design, cellular infrastructure and protocols, mobile phones and smartphone operating systems.  Over his career he has focused on the mobile and embedded space particularly on cellular technology and the application of cellular connectivity in varying environments.
  • Mr. Kaminaris served as a lead and key member of technical teams building counter-RCIED (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device) systems.  In particular, his work focused on mobile phone triggered IEDs.  The US military and other federal law enforcement authorities employed these systems throughout the world.  Furthermore, Mr. Kaminaris worked in anti-terrorism efforts as a contractor to the US Intelligence Community applying his cellular/mobile phone knowledge to assist with the tracking and locating of terrorists. 
  • Throughout several commercial product organizations, Mr. Kaminaris played key roles in bringing to market: wireless middleware, manufacturing process automation, and high-assurance secure communication products.  The product uses spanned general consumer wireless email/web browsing to nuclear waste management to US Government classified communications.  As technical lead and product lead for these products, Mr. Kaminaris was responsible for the quality and security of the products delivered to the marketplace