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Nick Clark
Strategic Advisor

  • A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Nicholas (Nick) has created wealth, managed billions of dollars of funding for various projects, led and developed a large number of staff and turned around unsuccessful businesses to produce profitable ones.
  • With almost two decades of business experience, Nick has made significant contributions; having founded Alexium International, Department 13 which service the Military and Intelligence groups as well as the commercial sector, Viaticus Capital. Nick has secured a solid political network and developed exceptional connections in many fields.
  • Nick is the Chairman and Executive Director on a number of public boards as well as recently having been appointed on the board of American Security Project assisting Brigadier general Cheney and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, on various other global matters.
  • Nick’s successful career began with his service in the Australian Army with the Australian Defense Force; there he obtained his law degree. While in the Australian Army, Nick served in Cambodia as a peace keeper with the U. N.
  • Nick worked at Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the U.S. at the time; his work there spanned nearly seven years in merger and acquisitions. Having gained experience in global markets, stock markets and M&A, Nick was promoted to Senior Associate in M&A, and later Deputy Head of M&A for Domestic Markets, undertaking billions of dollars a year in transactions.
  • Nick was asked to take on the role of Chief Investment Officer with Kiabo Securities in Beijing, China in February 2007, where he was responsible for assessing risk and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in global engineering projects around the world. In March 2009, Nick relocated back to Perth, Australia to became Director of Commercial Risk and Contracts with Citic Securities one of the largest Chinese investment banks, where he was responsible for establishment of the Chinese and Australian relationship for Citic, the purchase, contractual arrangements and management development of a $12.5 billion iron ore mine, and the brokering of agreements with Australian land owners and Chinese buyers.
  • In 2011, Nick co-founded a private equity firm Viaticus Capital; since its inception, the firm has transacted over $280 million in cross border transactions and raised over $375 million. He has founded over four companies (which he has listed on the ASX, NASDAQ and NYSE) and listed more than 10 on various exchanges around the world.
  • Nick holds a PhD in Management, an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in economics and law with a focus in foreign relations, international and global affairs. He has attended Columbia University, University of Sydney and the prestigious Yale CEO College.
  • Nick has written numerous critical thinking articles on various subjects ranging from management and leadership, global economics, risk and debt as well as entrepreneurship. 
  • Nick was recently selected from over 10,000 of his peers to receive the bronze Stevie® award as Executive of the Year 2016, in the 14th annual American Business Awards competition, where he was presented the award in New York, New York in June at a formal gala. Nick’s work in management, leadership and strategy were key to his receiving the award, and he joins the ranks of other business leaders in firms such as Lockheed Martin, T Mobile, Accenture and John Hancock Financial Services.
  • Nick undertakes many philanthropic activities and is heavily devoted to children’s cancer research in particular, as well as adult cancer research. Nick has been involved with Challenge to Conquer Cancer (C3) since 2013, and has raised nearly $1 million dollars. He is also involved with the Dempsey foundation, a cancer research center in Maine founded by Patrick Dempsey. Given Nick’s passion for cycling and work with the US Army in providing flame retardant uniforms to prevent soldiers from life threatening burns, he was asked to be the Ride to Recovery ambassador for Virginia, supporting wounded service men and women through activities to improve recovery post- combat.  Nick provided financial support for opening of a charter school in New York to assist children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to have an education. That charter has its original roots in Washington DC and still operates today.
  • A keen supporter of start-ups, Nick regularly supports new and dynamic businesses and provides small investments to young entrepreneurs