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  •  908 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA. 22314
  •  571-290-0260

Michael Wear
Senior Instructor

  • Michael Wear has dedicated over 3 decades to Public Safety including over 21 years of Military service.  Michael answered the call to military, volunteer firefighting, and law enforcement duty while gaining his degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland.  Each task and set responsibilities created relevant knowledge and insight to significantly contribute to his Community and Country.  Michael’s first assignment was as an Infantry Soldier where he developed a clear understanding for the value in discipline and realistic continuous training.  He followed a desire to gain experience through practical applications, earning additional occupational expertise through the Military Police Corp and Civil Affairs.  He continued to train and train others, fulfilling a Soldier’s obligation to give back.  Michael was as a Drill Sergeant for multiple positions including: Basic Training, Infantry and Military Police. Michael believes that continuing education is a requirement for life and completed his Master’s from Johns Hopkins University shortly after his retirement from US Army Reserve.
  • Michael retired from the Metropolitan Police Department with over 27 years of service.  He held several assignments ranging from Patrol Services to Specialized Training including Vehicle Skills Operation, Community Service and Civil Disturbance.  He held a variety of positions including patrol officer, plain clothes, motorcycle, bicycle and Civil Disturbance Unit member.  Building upon these skills he progressed as a leader, developing specialized and basic training for several of these disciplines. Michael utilized his skills, abilities and knowledge to create, develop and implement departmental standards, policies and procedures. Throughout his career he maintained a special passion for Bicycle Patrol Operations.   He made his mark as a specialized trainer and eventually became the City-Wide Bicycle Coordinator for seven patrol districts and 600+ bicycle’s.  Currently, he volunteers as the Director of Education for the International Police Mountain Bike Association and a Committee Member for Civil Unrest with the International Public Safety Assocition.  
  • Throughout his Public Safety and Military career Michael included a strong focus on individual development for the members he served with, not only training skills and knowledge but dedication, commitment and the need to have passion in your duty.  Michael prides himself as a professional leader to include his private life as well.  Being a strong role model for his children, loving husband and involved family man.  He values time with his wife and sons, ensuring he takes the opportunity to volunteer in the community, attend school events, holiday and social celebrations and take regular family vacations.  Currently, he is a Troop Committee member for both his son’s Boy Scouts of America Troop.  Additionally, he has dedicated several season’s to coaching soccer, football and baseball: always being involved and enjoying his family life.