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Marc Shaw
Senior Instructor

  • Marc Shaw brings extensive state government experience, education and talent to our organization.  He spent time as a youth volunteer and civilian dispatcher prior to being commissioned to the California Highway Patrol Academy in 1994.  Early in his career, Mr. Shaw recognized his passion for helping others reach their goals, and began instructing and mentoring throughout the organization.  As a sergeant, Mr. Shaw served as the Statewide Explorer Coordinator, overseeing the development of more than 600 young men and women throughout the state.  
  • Throughout his career, Mr. Shaw served in other notable assignments, including a tour at the State Capitol, where his team was responsible for security of the Capitol and surrounding grounds, as well as nearly 400 state facilities throughout downtown Sacramento.  He worked very closely with the Senate and Assembly Sergeant-At-Arms, as well as members of the Governor’s office to protect visitors and staff alike.  
  • As a commander, Shaw was responsible for the Department’s telecommunications infrastructure for two years before assuming command of a large metropolitan patrol station in southern California.  He forged strong relationships with community leaders, elected officials and other members of the public safety community.  Mr. Shaw was appointed by the State Attorney General to serve on the CLETS Advisory Committee in 2011, and maintained that assignment until 2019.
  • Marc Shaw was promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief in 2013 and spent the next six years overseeing a variety of patrol and specialty commands throughout southern California, from heavily populated metropolitan areas to desolate regions of the Eastern Sierra.  Mr. Shaw served as Tactical Commander of the Special Response Team and his experience in civil disturbance and crowd management is solidified through FEMA certified training and numerous deployments with the region, including the 2016 Presidential Election Protests.
  • Mr. Shaw holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management from Saint Mary’s College and a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School.  Mr. Shaw is also a graduate of POST Command College Class 50 and served multiple terms on the Board of Directors for the California Peace Officers’ Association, including a role as 3rd Vice President and two terms as Treasurer.