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  •  908 King Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA. 22314
  •  571-290-0260

Jennifer H. Walsh
Chief, Analysis Divison

  • Jennifer Walsh has over ten years of experience in data analysis and program management across the non-profit sector and consulting industry. She specializes in human-initiated threats, such as terrorism and active shooters, and brings a broad knowledgebase to analysis and mitigation/training options.  
  • Jennifer has extensive experience managing and conducting complex analysis efforts across government agencies at the Federal, State and Local levels, as well as the private sector. Prior to joining KGH, Jennifer directed analytic efforts for critical infrastructure owners and operators with an emphasis on risk assessment/management and cost-benefit analysis. 
  • Jennifer’s areas of expertise include tailoring communication products for effective decision-making across a range of audiences and settings; applying analysis to ensure compliance across regulatory frameworks; technical report writing and quality assurance/quality control for analytical products; scenario and mitigation analysis for security based threats; training in the use of analytical products, particularly for planning and decision-making; the evaluation of technology for emerging threats; and integration of analysis results into a greater policy framework. 
  • Jennifer earned her BA in International Politics from Penn State University and an MA in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University, where she focused on terrorism and radicalization to violent extremism.