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Gary Greco
Chief Strategist

  • Retired Senior U.S. Intelligence Community Officer with over 30 years experience in supplying robust, accurate and timely intelligence information in support of the U.S Government’s most senior decision makers and warfighters.
  • Began career as Special Agent in the DIA Office of Security and Counterintelligence. Performed hundreds of entry security interviews. Investigated security and criminal issues. Assisted in source interviews on Viet Nam POW-MIA issues. Later in career, was Intelligence Chief for the DoD  Manning/WikiLeaks Damage Task Force.
  • Successful record of accomplishment in administering, supervising, and performing work in the collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of information pertaining to the full spectrum of intelligence targets that directly and/or indirectly affect national security.
  • His other assignments include serving as advisor to Commanding Generals supporting special operations and intelligence missions in Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, with his final assignment as Senior Intelligence Community Officer to the Commander of Joint Special Operations Command.
  • Resourceful and innovative thinker engaged in effective knowledge management to increase productivity and quality of work for Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies.  Lead change by routinely evaluating procedures and implementing process improvements as needed.  Formulate budget focused on building capabilities; monitor expenditures ensuring budget priorities are met.
  • 2017-Present:  Self Employed 
    Provided senior consulting to Department of Defense and Homeland Security and to innovative small businesses involved in Active Computer Defense, Cognitive Computing and Lasers/Photronics.
    2013-2017:  Chief Strategist, Kiernan Group Holdings, Alexandria, VA.   
    Developed and shared concepts, practices, and technology related to the fusion of information and intelligence for Law Enforcement agencies. Provided expertise to help traverse the nexus between terrorism and transnational crime, and supply thought leadership regarding future areas of conflict to increase security. For Private Sector Clients helped with developing internal units and operating procedures that eliminated redundancies and minimized financial risk.
    2012-2013:  Program Officer, CACI/Systemware, Elkridge, MD. 
    Developed an innovative business strategy for a small company that possessed proprietary technologies and advanced design methodologies that was a recognized industry leader in both data acquisition and signal analysis technologies. This new strategy focused on moving sales and products into new customers.
    2008-2012:  Office Chief, Office for Intelligence Operations, Joint Intelligence Task Force-Combating Terrorism (JITF-CT), Defense Intelligence Agency 

    Supervised and managed day-to-day operations of a near 400-person office.  Provide quick turn-around response to information requests, often within 24 hours.  Ensure daily operations fulfill mission and meet objectives.  Promote teamwork through leadership and direction to optimize capabilities and talent of team. Key advocate for IT improvements and brought in a greater focus on use of Knowledge Management techniques and procedures. Subject matter expertise in international terrorism, Identity Intelligence, counterintelligence and threat analysis. Planned, organized and coordinated information technology and intelligence programs.  Developed and oversaw budgets of over $30M to support operations. Planned and executed a budget with diverse spending priorities that include programs such as Detainee Operations and IEDs research and evaluation. Frequently requested to sit on IC panels on Terrorism and Counter Intelligence. Received positive response to innovative and comprehensive Handbook on Terrorism from Commander JFCOM, General James Mattis, USMC. Served as Senior IC Officer to LTG Joseph Votel, Commander Joint Special Operations Command. Seconded to be the Intelligence Chief for the DoD Manning/WikiLeaks Task Force.

  • 2005-09/ 2008:  Office Chief, Office for Terrorism Analysis, Joint Intelligence Task Force-Combating Terrorism.

    Managed office operations with direct oversight of 250 personnel.  Communicated work requirements among staff.  Evaluated work products.  Assessed work processes establishing efficient and effective operations.  Ensured assignments were completed by suspense and to standards; work products conformed to DNI Analytic Standards and formatting.  Supported programs that developed an enterprise approach to analysis actions among subordinates.  Networked among stakeholders:  actively built effective networks and alliances across DIA and the IC to promote various engagements.  Collaborated and managed candid information sharing to accomplish assigned tasks.  Provided analytical support to key OSD and Joint Staff customers.  collected and evaluated critical intelligence.  interpreted and reported findings to support operational decision making.  produced large volume of analyses under high pressure situations.   supported production of hundreds of Defense analysis reports-terrorism and several major community assessments.

  • 2003-2004:  Senior Intelligence Officer, Multi-National Force-I, Baghdad, Iraq .
    Supervisor: Gen John Abiziad and Ambassador L. Paul Bremmer,

    Personal Advisor to the CENTCOM Commander – General John Abizaid, and Chief of the Coalition Provisional Authority – Ambassador L. Paul Bremmer. Served as on-site subject matter expert providing advice pertaining to terrorism threats in region.  Starting from scratch trained a workforce of over 40 military and civilian intelligence officers that provided direct support to the most senior military and coalition members. Key DIA representative in Iraq; professionally prospered in an austere and dangerous environment.

    Master of Science, International Studies.  Resident Student. Naval War College, Newport, RI,     
    Bachelor of Science, Criminology.  University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.