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Gary Greco
Senior Intelligence Officer

  • Gary Greco is Chief Strategy Officer of Kiernan Group Holdings, Inc. a global consulting firm specializing in law enforcement, defense, and intelligence industries with specialized support to federal and civil clients in the areas of strategy, policy, tactics, and training. Mr. Greco has over 31 years of military and intelligence leadership experience with responsibility in operations, analysis supporting national authorities, senior military decision makers and warfighters. His experience and assignments include command, operational and staff positions throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Bosnia.
  • Mr. Greco is designated by CEO to develop and provide analytic frameworks to assist in the successful execution of decision making with laser-like focus. Mr. Greco is a seasoned executive with a strong strategy orientation who leads major initiatives in intelligence and with Department of Defense contracts or partners. He understands many operational roles and strategic objectives, and thereby focuses on and navigates changes to the business landscape of complex organizational structures, rapid globalization, new regulations and innovation challenges. 
  • He previously served as Office Chief for the Office for Intelligence Operations, Joint Intelligence Task Force – Combatting Terrorism at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He supervised and managed day-to-day operations of 400 employees responsible for Contingency Planning, Terrorist Weapons and Tactics, Exploitation, Detainee Operations, watchlisting, HUMINT Support, and DIA’s Terrorism Warning and Fusion Center. He is recognized as an unparalleled leader in operations management. Mr. Greco brings a highly successful record of accomplishment in administering, supervising and ensuring daily operations, fulfilling mission and meeting objectives, promoting teamwork through leadership and direction to optimize capabilities and team talent. He served as a senior advisor on Counter-Terrorism issues to the commander of the Multi-National Force-Iraq and Coalition Provisional Authority. While serving in Iraq, he managed a unit that played a key role in the apprehension of senior members of Former Iraqi Regime and Sunni Extremist terrorist organizations. This unit also performed with operational capacity in Afghanistan as well as other locations in Southeast Asia. He also served in a similar capacity supporting the Commander, International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan.
  • His other assignments include serving as advisor to Commanding Generals supporting special operations and intelligence missions in Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, with his final assignment as Senior Intelligence Community Officer to the Commander of Joint Special Operations Command.
  • Mr. Greco is a subject matter expert in international terrorism, threat analysis and support to Special Operations Forces. He is skilled at producing usable intelligence information in support of missions and objectives of the Global War on Terrorism. He is resourceful and innovative thinker engaged in developing visionary solutions to complex business and technical challenges. He planned, organized and coordinated information technology and intelligence programs; developed and oversaw budget of over $30M to support operations; planned and executed a budget with diverse spending priorities that include programs such as Detainee Operations and IEDs research and evaluation. He conducted outreach, responded to frequent requests to sit on Intelligence Community panels on Terrorism, and represented agency in seminar/course CAPSTONE and the War College, and effectively established partnering with external stakeholders representing his organization in leading exchanges with NATO partners with regard to operations in Afghanistan. 
  • He lead innovations in conceptualizing and building internal efforts to compile a Handbook on Terrorism, providing directions for research and design, evaluation and editing for quality and accuracy.
  • His accomplishments include successfully leading an organization at the operational forefront of our country’s war on terrorism; responded to over 5,000 requirements within a six-month period, with the majority receiving responses in less than 48 hours. His leadership and initiative had positive effects on the Gallop rating of key productivity indicators. He was highly sought after as an advisor to senior military and civilian members of the Department of Defense. Despite continuous rotations and deployments of personnel, he effectively maintained one of the highest performing analytic and operational organizations in the Intelligence Community.
  • Mr. Greco attended the Naval War College, Newport, RI; University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; and Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA.