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  •  1421 Prince Street, 4th Floor, Alexandria, VA. 22314
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Message From The CEO

We developed this Center based on what we saw as a critical gap in the development and delivery process.  What I mean by that is our observation of concerted efforts by industry to develop capabilities for customers at the national level, often based on incomplete information on key requirements and the delivery of goods and services that either mirrored others already in place, or while new and innovative, did not always “fit” within the culture and context of the receiving organization. Understanding the dynamics at both ends of the requirements process has indeed saved time and money, eliminated cold-calling and provided precision in the business development discipline. We also have a robust competitive business intelligence process in place to identify competitive products and offerings.  It is not unusual for a company to decide not to pursue an opportunity based on the information provided and to better direct their resources.  In every case, this has resulted in that same customer returning with new ideas!

Message From Chair, ETIC

Computer Security is National Security, any cloud could be a War Cloud, for us or against us.

Malware is inconvenient, but ransomware is hurting our infrastructure and way of life.

The dark web is darker than most IT companies realize or admit.

We speak English and expect our enemies to plot against us in the same way, they don’t.

At KGH, our ETIC team understands technologies, ours, and theirs. We understand how the bad guys think and work. Some of us understand their languages.

The biggest risk is thinking the risk is small. Our job is pointing out the risks, then eliminating them.

Emerging Technology Innovations Center

The Emerging Technology Innovation Center ™ (ETIC™) provides a secure venue for knowledge discovery, exploration, and exploitation of innovative technology and technology applications to address common and unique requirements of the law enforcement, military, governmental, and commercial communities. This includes an ability to anticipate needs of these customers in an ever-changing global environment.
Our mission is to support the tailored design and execution of emerging technologies to vetted customers with a process that is rapid, scalable and methodologically sound. We leverage the practitioner-earned knowledge and skills across our global network to develop practical recommendations and applications to successfully develop, refine and in some cases, repurpose emerging technology. The key to this success is deliberate and skilled market and technology evaluation. As is always the case, experience matters.
The ETIC™ model links a diverse range of public and private sector communities with a broad spectrum of technology developers. We have the practical experience in end user communities and recognize operational essential capabilities, the requirement process and, as importantly, can identify those offerings, which fail to meet requirements, saving business development cycles and capital in the process.
This insight allows KGH to market technology to appropriate end users at the right decision level at the right time. The process reduces risk throughout the technology development process to include discovery, assessment, commercialization, and adoption through educating developers, investors, and actual customers. We “murder board” offerings; provide end-user requirements; and assess market strategy. Our team provides expert support including state-of-the-art web presence design and promotional/marketing materials as needed. We conduct sales rehearsals and hands-on technology demonstrations to optimize market preparedness and penetration.
Fielded capabilities now support both classified and commercial customers.  Our current focus is on identity management to include facial recognition capability suites, and on the tactical side: both C-UAS and C-VBIED efforts.