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  •  1421 Prince Street, 4th Floor, Alexandria, VA. 22314
  •  571-290-0260

Amy McMullen

  • Amy McMullen is a photojournalist who collects, edits, and presents still images for publications on behalf of the KGH team. 
  • Ms. McMullen is a highly dedicated professional within her career as a photographer, traveling to different states across the U.S.  to capture Behind-the-Scene stills for T.V. film productions and various business owners.  As the photojournalist for KGH, Amy McMullen brings a good sense of visual composition and perspective for the tasks she is given to capture for the team. 
  • Ms. McMullen is known for her work within the T.V. film industry as a Behind-the-Scene set photographer,  capturing scenes, and documenting footage throughout the making of each film production. These images are used to create the press and publicity for commercials, feature films, and movie shorts.  
  • Her good sense of visual composition and perspective for visual story telling also includes her work as the photographer for D'arte which is her home and office decor sold across the U.S.
  • She also works as a portrait photographer for Greg Machen Photography located in Madison, AL, where she dedicates her time and attention to portraits for children Pre-Kindergarten through  their senior year in high school. 
  • Ms. McMullen is also the founder and photographer of her beloved charity, Courageous Photography, which she travels the U.S. visiting children who fight life threatening illness. She celebrates the life of each child with free photo shoots given to the families while documenting the children's moments with their family.